Fingerspelling Focus

Fingerspelling Focus Volume I (562)

$ 60.00

10 minutes/day x 5 days/week x 6 months = Improved fingerspelling receptive skills!

+ 1.0 RID Professional Studies CEUs available

Fingerspelling Focus is a fun way to improve your receptive skills practice in just a few minutes per week over the course of six months.

Simply log into your account each Monday* to begin a signed story that will continue, bit by bit, over the course of the week. You'll also print the Monday Guide Sheet to record the fingerspelling you catch in the story Monday through Thursday. On Friday, the story will be shown in its entirety, plus you'll complete the Friday Guide Sheet. It will have the answers for the fingerspelling to compare to your notes (don't peek ahead of time!) as well as five questions about the story's content.

Keep your completed Guide Sheets to periodically check your improvement -- you will definitely see a difference!

For customers choosing the CEU option, these Guide Sheets will be mailed to Interpretek in exchange for 1.0 RID Professional Studies CEUs. All work is graded on effort and completion so we just ask you do your very best.

  • Interpretek recommends following our Monday-Friday schedule for maximum benefit using the concept of spaced retrieval practice, but you may complete the program on a schedule of your own choosing during the subscription period.
  • This on-demand program becomes active shortly after subscribing and will expire within 6 months.

Note: Volume I is not a prerequisite for Volume II.

Format: "Little Bit at a Time"
Subscription length: 6 months
Cost: $60
1.0 Optional CEUs: $10

Interpretek is an approved RID sponsor for continuing education activities. These programs have been approved for 1.0 Professional Studies CEUs and are designed for audiences with some prior knowledge of the subject.

This on-demand program becomes active shortly after subscribing here. If you are unsatisfied, contact 866.372.1773 during business hours (8:30am-5pm Central) or email to discuss options within a week of purchase.