Educational Focus

Algebra (572)

$ 45.00

During this course, you will:

1. Meet a native ASL user math teacher of the deaf who explains various topics related to basic algebraic concepts in American Sign Language.
2. Analyze the signing content for a variety of ASL features including utterance boundaries, location, non-manual markers, compare/contrast, and movement.
3. Demonstrate an ability to identify such ASL features and explain their usefulness in enhancing an educational lesson.
4. Identify specific fingerspelled words, non-manuals, or other signs embedded in the text.
5. Explain the value of viewing specific educational topics to general educational interpreting and demonstrate application of one topic to another.
6. Translate ASL text to English gloss and effective ASL-to-English interpretation.
7. Reflect upon suggested "just for you" activities that are not graded for CEUs but can lead to improvement in other interpreting skill sets.

Your path to success:

1. Complete the steps at your pace during your three-month subscription period. This on-demand program becomes active shortly after subscribing and will expire within 3 months. Tackle a little bit every day or all in one weekend - your choice!
2. There are 8 steps you will complete. Work in order by following the steps and associated tasks listed below. Click on the program's links to get to the related video materials.
3. Print off the provided checklist and Guide Sheets.
4. Check off each item as you complete the related task.
5. If you purchase the optional 0.3 RID Professional Studies CEUs, you'll mail your completed work and product evaluation Interpretek’ offices. Partial or incomplete submissions will not be considered.

All work is graded on effort and completion so we just ask that you do your very best. Your CEU certificate will be emailed to you after Interpretek staff validates your work.

Don't need CEUs? No problem! Skip that optional purchase and just utilize the materials for your own self-improvement.

Format: "Totally Your Pace"
Subscription length: 3 months
Cost: $45
0.3 Optional CEUs: $10

Interpretek is an approved RID sponsor for continuing education activities. These programs have been approved for 0.3 Professional Studies CEUs and are designed for audiences with some prior knowledge of the subject.

This on-demand program becomes active shortly after subscribing here. If you are unsatisfied, contact 866.372.1773 during business hours (8:30am-5pm Central) or email to discuss options within a week of purchase.