Partnering with Online Focus to Boost Your RID Chapter's Membership

This fall, Interpretek collaborated with Missouri Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (MO-RID) in a unique membership drive and the results were astounding.  MO-RID doubled its membership rolls and brought in over $1,000 in dues in just one weekend!  In the process, Interpretek donated up to $2,400 in free Online Focus programs.  Here's how it worked:

The Need:  Although Missouri has over 700 licensed interpreters, MO-RID is a small chapter that often faces the "why should I join?" question when soliciting new members.  The state recently raised CEU requirements from 1.2 annually to 2.0, creating a need for interpreters to seek additional resources beyond the Missouri Commission for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing's annual weekend conference.

The Plan:  With that annual conference upcoming, Interpretek pledged one free subscription of Online Focus + CEU processing to any member who joined or renewed their membership during the weekend.  

  • The chapter's media committee sent an e-blast to all current and past members, with an encouragement to forward the message to colleagues who were not previously affiliated with RID.  The chapter website featured the promotion prominently on the home page and in the calendar of events.
  • Interpretek paid to print full-color registration forms and two stand-up signs for the conference exhibit booths explaining the promotion.  
  • Both the MO-RID and Interpretek booths promoted the drive as a way to finish up those last CEUs which would be due in a few weeks or to get a jump-start on next year's requirement.  Membership forms were available at both booths, along with personnel to promote the offer. 
  • 20% off all additional Online Focus subscriptions was also promoted as an ongoing member benefit.
  • Other statewide businesses and organizations were encouraged to provide their own goods or services in the future to support MO-RID and get in on the action.

The Result:  As stated above, the membership drive was a HUGE success! Over 40 interpreters joined, most of them never previously affiliated with RID. As they contacted Interpretek the following week after the conference, we emailed encouragement to learn more about MO-RID by visiting the chapter website and to consider contacting the president to fill an empty board position or help out on a committee.  A promo code to get 20% off Online Focus anytime on our website was also included.

How can you use this model to support your RID chapter?  Just contact us at and we'll work with you to make your membership drive a success!  We'll discuss with you the needs of your own chapter and devise a plan that meets your needs.  You'll see new members, increased revenue, and the opportunity to a tangible benefit of membership.

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