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Interpretek's dedicated professionals are committed to provide superior American Sign Language interpreting services to clients anywhere in the nation.

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  • Deaf Consumer
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Interpretek has the competence and commitment to accommodate your needs!

Interpretek values people and community.
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Using an interpreter, although very simple once you become accustomed to the process, is often overwhelming for a first-time consumer. To make your first endeavor a pleasant and a less daunting one, here are just a few tips to familiarize yourself with the process.

  • Be sure to consult with the interpreter(s) and deaf person(s) when trying to arrange seating
  • Speak naturally and directly to the deaf person(s). The interpreter is there to facilitate the communication, not to become a part of the converstation
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RID Super Site

In fall 2001, Interpretek was granted RID Super Site status. As a testing super site, we can meet the needs of the interpreting community on an elevated level.

Interpreters who desire to test for RID RIDcertification may schedule an appointment at their convenience. Readily available testing opportunities ensure that more qualified interpreters are prepared to promote superior communication access for Deaf and hearing consumers.

Interpretek offers a comfortable preparation and test-taking environment and extremely flexible testing dates and times. Your test is completely confidential and is shared only with the test coordinator at Interpretek.

Set an Appointment to pursue your certification.

CEU Sponsor

To help you maintain your certification, Interpretek sponsors training opportunities and workshops approved by RID's Certification Maintenance Program (CMP). Earn continuing education units (CEU's), enhance skills, and network with colleagues!